TKambio USA offers a complete solution in the management of foreign exchange and international payments. TKambio simplifies transactions and streamlines currency purchases offering competitive costs well below the market.

Get more time to pay with convenient and
flexible options

Fixed weekly installments
Smaller payments over time
First 30 days free on FX payments
Happy business owner approved for $300,000 KoverlyPay credit line which give his company the option to extend payment timeline and get more time to pay bills through weekly installments. Vendors get paid on time by Koverly and his company re-pays Koverly in weekly installments of 4 weeks, 8 weeks or 12 weeks. This business owner is most likely an importer as he is paying a foreign vendor for goods. KoverlyPay financing can be used for global or domestic payments.
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collaborate to provide your company better ways to pay
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Save time
Instant currency conversions, accounting sync, automations and approval management.
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Save money
Competitive FX rates in 128 currencies, no wire transfer fees and free USD transfers worldwide.
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Boost cashflow
Financing options to pay in weekly installments and get first 30 days free for more cash on hand.
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Pay Globally
Fast and easy cross-border payments without the fees.
Make online global payments quickly, easily and securely in 128 currencies to to businesses in 180+ countries with industry-leading exchange rates.
Best FX rates save up to 50%
No wire transfer fees - up to $40 savings per transaction
Full transparency on money moving across borders
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Multiple payment options
There's only upside in making it easier for customers to pay you. Giving businesses flexible payments options has proven to increase order value by +60% on average.
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ACH Bank transfers
Fast, direct deposits in 24-48 hours
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Credit Cards
Enable cc payments and receive bank transfers
2.9-3.5% (International cards surcharge 1.5%)
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Extended Terms
Provide clients the option to pay over time at no risk via KoverlyPay (for U.S. payers only)
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Digital Wallet
Enable free global transfers with activation of local USD accounts anywhere in the world
Optimize Efficiency
Manage all of your bill
payments in one place
Pay any vendor in minutes through your mobile-friendly Koverly dashboard.
Centralized workspace
Free ACH transfers and check payments
Pay with CC to vendors even if don't accept
Schedule and manage multiple due dates
Start accepting secure digital
payments in minutes
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Website checkout
Fast, direct deposits in 24-48 hours
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Payment links
Add universal links to invoice PDFs
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AP statements
Send clients statements with full AP
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