Foreign exchange + credit platform built for importers

You decide what your business will do with the extra money
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Koverly pays your international bills today

  • 6X cheaper than alternatives
  • 70+ currencies
  • 110+ countries

You pay back Koverly in 30 days*

  • No interest
  • No fees
  • No hassle

*Credit approval required

Global Payments

6x less than
bank rates

70+ currencies to 100+countries

No charge for 30 extra days to pay

Global Payments

  • Multiple currencies
  • Real exchange rates
  • No FX fees

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The flexibility of a credit card with the low cost predictability of a business loan. Koverly will cover your bill for 30-days interest free!* Extended terms are available with weekly repayments, up to 24 weeks.

* Credit approval required


Pay international bills at the best rate available in seconds. 

Lower Cost

No fees and set payoffs bring your balance down faster so you pay less interest


Pay off balances from each transaction at a fixed rate with equal weekly payments

Coast through the cashflow bumps and keep your business on a growth path

Paying suppliers and waiting for your accounts receivable sometimes leaves Importers stuck in the middle with a squeeze on cashflow. KoverlyPay gives Importers more working capital credit  and extends weekly repayment terms up to 24 weeks.*

* Credit approval required

Why does KoverlyPay make sense?

Buy smarter, pay later, and increase profits

Empower your business to buy big and increase profit margins with volume discounts and fewer shipments.

Truly competitive lending rates

Buy more time to pay your bills, for as little as 1% per month.

Access credit features through a familiar platform

No need to complicate your operations depending on other services. Manage all of your finances through Koverly’s comprehensive accounting platform. 

Why does KoverlyPay make sense?

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KoverlyPay in minutes

Skip the paperwork

Our online application can be done right from your laptop and we won’t ask for excess documentation.

No credit history

We don’t require personal or company credit history and will never ask for personal guarantees to get started.

Instant access to credit

Once approved, you can instantly use KoverlyPay in bill pay checkout.

No credit history

We don’t require personal or company credit history and will never ask for personal guarantees to get started.

Fast approvals

Our AI-driven underwriting process speeds up the time to reach an approval decision.

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