Pay all of your distributors in one place

Pay any distributor bill with a bank transfer(ACH) for FREE, or pay with your credit card (2.8% fee) - even where cards are not accepted. Suppliers receive a bank deposit.


Distributor portals we work with

How it works

step 1

Connect to distributor portals

Login to each distributor portal through Koverly for a 2-way sync between distributor portals and Koverly. Check out which distributors we connect to >

step 2

Connect to your Quickbooks

Login to your Quickbooks account through Koverly for a 2-way sync between Koverly and Quickbooks.

step 3

Pay your distributors through Koverly

Pay all of your distributors through your Koverly dashboard with a bank transfer or credit card, even though credit cards are not accepted.

step 4

Your distributors get a bank transfer

Choose how distributors get paid. Your distributors that already have their own payment portals receive a bank transfer without needing to sign up to Koverly. Your smaller distributors can join the Koverly network in 1-minute and enable to receive payments from you and all of their other customers.

step 5

No need to enter bills into Quickbooks anymore

All of your bills from all distributors automatically sync to Quickbooks, so you don’t need to waste hours on manually bill entry.


Why integrate Koverly with Distributor Portals and Quickbooks?

Synchronise all of your distributor bills through Distributor Portals, Quickbooks and Koverly to completely eliminate manually bill processing and stay on top of what you owe all in one place.


Manage all of your bill payments in one place

Koverly is the central place to manage all of your bills and payments for all of your distributors.

Centralized workplace
Schedule and manage multiple due dates

Free up cash by paying with a credit card

Better manage your business’ cash reserves and pay suppliers with a credit card even if they don’t accept credit cards

Maximize your credit card rewards
Stretch your budget

Perfectly in sync with Distributor Portals and Quickbooks

Koverly seamlessly automates tedious bill entry and payment reconciliation in one simple to use and mobile friendly dashboard

Leverage the power of Koverly within a few minutes
Forget manual bill entry



When you pay your distributors via bank transfer by first entering their bill manually into Koverly.

2.8% per transaction

Charged to you if you pay your distributor bills or any other bills with a credit card.


When you subscribe to the Rise Plan

Login to all of your distributor portals through Koverly and sync all of your bills into one dashboard

Manage and pay all of your distributor bills from the Koverly dashboard

Sync all of your bills and your payment to Quickbooks automatically. No more manual data entry!

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