That's a shipload of untapped revenue.

Forwarders have built a global industry selling cargo space on ships. Koverly now allows forwarders to profit on the value of what's in that cargo.

Global B2B Payments

What's the opportunity?

No overhead

Implement without overhead, development, technology costs or lending risk.

Pure profit

Receive revenue share when customers process global payments.

Added value

Offer added value to customers with highly competitive FX rates and cash flow management solutions.

Easy and secure

Koverly’s easy to use global payments platform is highly secure and trusted by thousands of businesses worldwide.

Profits and Savings

Average forwarder profitability and importer savings per shipping
container when global payments are processed through Koverly.


Extra Profitability
Per Container

(No overhead cost.)


Extra Savings
on FX Payments

(No wire transfer fees.)

currency exchange

What is FX and why it is relevant?

Foreign exchange (aka FX) is the changing of currencies. It is used for virtually all global payments - even those made in USD.

All global payments incur foreign transaction costs, despite the currency on the invoice. These costs are often up to 2% of the invoice value.

Koverly significantly reduces foreign transaction costs and provides buyers transparency to real-time conversion rates in an easy-to-use online payment platform.

Let's Connect

Leveraging innovation for international payments.

New technologies now make it possible for partners to offer global payments as a service by leveraging Koverly’s platform.

With easy access to highly competitive FX rates, this comes as a benefit to importers while providing forwarders a new, no-cost revenue stream.

Let's Connect
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Why Freight Forwarders?
And Why Now?

Forwarders have relationships and data

Forwarders sit at the nexus of foreign trade.

They enjoy trusted partner status with importers and have unparalleled access to foreign transaction data to easily facilitate a valuable revenue stream in FX invoice processing.

Increase in use of payment terms

Competition has pushed exporters to offer terms and receive payments after shipments arrive in the U.S.

This provides a natural opportunity for forwarders to facilitate global payments as an added value to their importer partners.

New technologies make it possible

There has been significant innovation in financial technology for global payments.

Forwarders can now access turnkey tools to securely offer FX services that streamline payments and reduce costs for their importers.

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