Turnkey solutions for logistics businesses to receive payments faster.

Effortlessly manage secure online invoicing and payment collection, through your branded portal, all at no expense. Provide a range of comprehensive payment methods and financing solutions backed by Koverly to enhance customer convenience and get paid faster.
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World class partners

Get paid faster, easier and safer.

Invoicing is fast, trackable and secure through your own customized payment portal.

  • Manage bill payments in one place
  • Offer flexible payment options and improve cash flow
  • Save time with scheduling and automation
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Track who has and needs to pay you on the Koverly overview dashboard.

Offer clients better ways to pay

There's only upside in making it easier for customers to pay you. Giving businesses flexible payments options has proven to increase spend and help clients make timely payments.

ACH Bank Transfers
Fast, direct deposits in 24-48 hours 0.5% up to $5 per transaction
Credit Cards
Enable cc payments, receive bank transfers 2.9-3.5% (International cards surcharge 1.5%)
Extended Terms
Embed financing options into your checkout and provide clients option to pay over time at no risk or cost to you (for U.S. payers only)
Digital Wallet
Local USD account for free global transfers in 128 currencies between 180 countries

Give U.S. clients more time to pay at no risk and no cost to you.

Koverly assumes the risk of offering net terms, so you don't have to - you get paid upfront and U.S. clients pay Koverly in weekly installments.

Koverly Manages:

  • Approvals and underwriting

  • Payment transfers and collections

  • Automated reminders

Clients that apply for a KoverlyPay line of credit receive a customized financing package within 24 hours.

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Track who has and needs to pay you on the Koverly overview dashboard.

Financing options for U.S. clients.

Freight Financing

  1. Streamline A/R by embedding Koverly's platform
  2. Give importers option to finance freight bills at checkout
  3. Forwarders gets paid by Koverly when invoice is due
  4. Koverly manages collections in weekly installments

Inventory Financing

  1. Importer completes Koverly financing application
  2. Importers have option to finance commercial invoices on orders shipped by forwarder
  3. Vendor gets paid by Koverly in preferred currency when invoice is due
  4. Importers pay Koverly in weekly or monthly installments of their choice

Instant global transfers

With a USD wallet, businesses anywhere in the world can pay and receive funds from a local US bank account. Whether you are sending or receiving money, wallet to wallet transfers are made instantly.

Koverly's platform also includes embedded real-time FX conversions for 128 currencies for payments to 180 countries.

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There's untapped revenue on that ship.

The value of the cargo you transport represents the lion's share of what an importer pays for goods. You could monetize this, while also offering fast, easy and flexible payment options at no cost and no risk to your company.


What's the opportunity?

Business owner making global payments through koverly.

* Credit approval required
global payments icon representing multiple currencies and countries

Easy and secure

business b2b credit icon indicating no fee financing for 30 days

Pure profit

Make extra revenue on the cargo you manage.

Receive commissions on inventory paid for through Koverly by your clients.

  • Easy and free implementation
  • Clients get best possible FX rates
  • Client financing options underwritten by Koverly

Average Extra Profitability Per Container

(ex. 40 Ft Container; Europe to NYC)

$100,000 (Container Product Value)
$200 (FX Transaction Profit at 0.02%)
$0 (Overhead Cost)

No Credit history. KoverlyPay does not affect personal or companies credit score.

Average Savings on Commercial Invoices

(ex. 40 Ft Container; Europe to NYC)

$100,000 (Container Product Value)
$800 (FX Transaction Savings at 0.08%)
$0 (Wire Transfer Fees)

TMS Integrations

Koverly integrates with all of the top transportation management systems, so getting the information you need is no work at all.

Information flows securely between platforms, streamlining your workflows and opening the door to new revenue opportunities that go directly to your bottom line with no overhead.

Other TMS integrations available, contact us for more information.

Why Freight Forwarders?
And Why Now?

Forwarders have relationships and data

Forwarders sit at the nexus of foreign trade.

They enjoy trusted partner status with importers and have unparalleled access to foreign transaction data to easily facilitate a valuable revenue stream in FX invoice processing.

Increase in use of payment terms

Competition has pushed exporters to offer terms and receive payments after shipments arrive in the U.S.

This provides a natural opportunity for forwarders to facilitate global payments as an added value to their importer partners.

New technologies make it possible

There has been significant innovation in financial technology for global payments.

Forwarders can now access turnkey tools to securely offer FX services that streamline payments and reduce costs for their importers.

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