Get a local USD account anywhere in the world for free global transfers.

With Koverly Wallet, money gets transferred internationally with no currency exchange fees or conversion headaches.
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world and credit card. Convenient to pay bills anywhere in the world.

Instant transfers

Send and receive wallet-to-wallet payments instantly all over the world.

Money arrow down, representing lower cost of transactional fees.

Maximize FX rates

Hold funds in your wallet for as long as you want and withdraw when exchange rates are favorable.

calendar money, transparent and predictable weekly payments.

Fast Funding

Easily fund your wallet via ACH, or allow balance to accrue through receivables.

Open a USD account in minutes from anywhere in the world without going to the bank.

  • Easily fund your Koverly digital wallet for upcoming payments via ACH
  • Send and receive USD payments free to over 160 countries worldwide
  • Hold funds in wallet and convert at your convenience

How will your business benefit?

Global Banking

Open a local USD account in your business name from anywhere.

Borderless Trading

Do business in new markets faster and easier without multiple bank applications.

Bank-beating Rates

Reduce FX costs from international sales with bank-beating spot rate conversions and no hidden fees.

Reduce Costs

Eliminate unnecessary costs with free global USD transfers and no wire fees.

Simplify Payments

Enable customers to pay you in USD like a local and reduce the hassle of international payments.

Faster Receivables

Avoid payment delays and improve cashflow, receiving payments as fast as a local business.

Transfer funds instantly around the globe

Create a USD wallet for your business, then let overseas customers pay you as if you were local. Whether you are sending or receiving money, wallet transfers are made instantly and appear in your account in seconds.

Complete coverage for global payments

Sending money around the world just got a whole lot easier. Whether you choose to make instant transfers through your Koverly Wallet or pay in foreign currency, we have payment needs covered for nearly every country in the world.

Have more questions?
What is a local USD account?
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A local USD account is US-based bank account that can be used to receive bank transfers and make payments worldwide in USD.

After creating an account, you will receive bank account information such as an account number, bank code/routing number, account name, account type, and bank name/location. These details are connected with your Koverly account so you can choose to receive USD funds into this account when you invoice clients, or use it to pay bills in USD. 

You can also share details manually with your customers so they can send bank transfers to the account.  

Note your local USD account does not hold balances. Balances are held securely in your Koverly Wallet. 
What is a Koverly Wallet?
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The Koverly Wallet allows you to hold USD currency at any given time. You may use your wallet to send or receive funds instantly with other Koverly customers worldwide completely free of charge.

You may hold funds in your wallet, and withdraw into your bank account whenever you choose. When funds from your wallet are converted to your local currency, Koverly guarantees you will get the best conversion rate possible and provides you with full transparency of live FX rates at the time of conversion. 
What is the advantage to having a local USD account?
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With a local US-based bank account, you can pay and receive funds in USD like a local. Transactions are fast, free and secure. 

Having a USD account based in the US allows businesses to pay you easier and eliminates costs of making cross-border payments.
How do I use my Koverly Wallet to send payments?
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All Koverly accounts come with a free wallet. To use it, simply choose Koverly Wallet as your payment method in bill pay checkout. This will send funds in the currency of the wallet chosen.

Please note - the wallet needs to contain enough funds for you to use it. 
How do I add funds to my Koverly Wallet?
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Funds can be collected into your wallet anywhere in the world. Funds can be added via direct debit in the US. Businesses outside of the US can make transfers into their Koverly Wallet through their local bank. 
Do I have to send money to another Koverly Wallet?
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No. You can send money to any USD account. However, if the recipient has a Koverly account and hence a Koverly Wallet, your wallet-to-wallet transfer will be instant whereas payments to outside accounts may take 24-72 business hours.
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