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Koverly Referral Program

Dennis Lasko
May 17, 2023

The Koverly Referral Incentive Program

The Koverly Referral Incentive Program rewards current Koverly customers for referring new businesses to Koverly’s FX services and gives new customers additional introductory savings on FX transactions.


Who qualifies as a referrer?

Any current Koverly customer, regardless of which products they use on the Koverly platform.


Who qualifies as a referred customer?

Businesses that make international payments in foreign currency that become a new Koverly customer as a result of a referral.


How do I make an introduction?

Introduce the business that you would like to refer via email to Emily Newton, cc'ing her at

That's it! - We will take it from there.

Please note - While the introduction can be made to anyone at the company, the new company must create an account AND make payments through the Koverly platform for rewards to be issued, so it is best to connect us with a financial decision maker.


What is the incentive for referrer?

Referrers can choose between receiving:

5 Free FX payments within 30 days of activation, up to a limit of $1M in transactions or $250 in credit to use towards any transaction made on the Koverly platform.


What is the reward for new customers?

New businesses referred by a current Koverly customer receive:

5 Free FX payments within 30 days of sign-up, up to a limit of $1M in transactions. Payments must be made within 30 days of creating an account.

What do you mean by free FX?

Very simply: foreign currency transactions at the mid-market rate - no mark-ups, no fees.

Every foreign exchange transaction incurs a mark-up on the mid-market rate (aka Spot rate). Koverly offers some of the most competitive exchange rates on the market - saving customers up to 10x on FX. Making foreign currency transactions with no mark-up at all is unheard of... until now.

Our clients always save money on FX transactions and this 30 day offer is a great opportunity to save even more.

When are rewards issued?

New customer receive their reward immediately upon account activation and have 30 days to make 5 free FX payments up to $1M in transactional volume.

The company that makes the referral will receive their reward after the newly referred customer makes 3 foreign currency payments on the Koverly platform.

Once the new customer reaches the milestone of making 3 FX payments, the company that referred them will be contacted and given the option to choose between a $250 credit that can be used anytime, or 5 free FX payments up to $1M in transactional volume. If 5 free FX payments is chosen, the transactions must occur within 30 days of choosing that option. There is no time limit for the $250 credit.

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