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Making payments with KoverlyPay

Nov 14, 2022

Once you have been approved for a KoverlyPay line of financing, the option to pay in weekly installments will be available for you to use instantly at checkout.

When you select KoverlyPay financing, your vendor gets paid right away. Payments are made to your vendor by Koverly when you checkout and you repay Koverly in fixed weekly installments for up to 12 weeks.

KoverlyPay financing is only available to companies in the United State, but can be used to pay bills in 128 currencies to businesses in 180 countries worldwide.

At checkout, the financing options available to you will be clearly outlined so that you know exactly how much you will pay. Repayments for domestic payments begin the following Tuesday and are automatically withdrawn from your account. Repayments for FX bills begin 30 days after you checkout.

KoverlyPay financing can only be used to pay bills that are equal to or less than your available credit line. If you are using a portion of your credit line and do not have enough available to cover a new bill that you would like to finance, you must pay down the existing credit line first to free up financing for the new bill. There is no penalty for paying early.

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