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KoverlyPay Overview

Dec 1, 2022

KoverlyPay provides fast, easy to access credit when you want it, with fixed low borrowing fees that do not affect your credit score.

KoverlyPay provides you with the freedom to take advantage of more volume discounts and larger purchases to move your business forward. Whether to improve profit margins or gain a competitive advantage, KoverlyPay empowers you to buy smarter and choose a pay back plan that works for your business.

The review process for qualification takes less than 24 hours and does not require a minimum credit score or effect your FICO. For more information on how to activate KoverlyPay please view the support article "Apply for KoverlyPay".

Once approved, your available credit line will be clearly visible on your KoverlyPay dashboard. This dashboard allows you to see your total limit, current balance and next payment, as well as an aggregation of weekly payment totals for KoverlyPay. Read the support article 'KoverlyPay Dashboard' to learn more.

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