Koverly Announces Express Checkout

Sep 20, 2023

Koverly add express checkout to online invoicing capabilities, enabling a frictionless experience for payers.

Koverly's new express checkout feature enables businesses to give their clients a frictionless experience and multiple payment options when invoicing through the Koverly platform.

This new features enables payers to:

  • Checkout without creating an account
  • Choose from multiple payment options
  • Quickly create an account after their first payment, if they choose

Businesses using Koverly's invoicing feature can customize their invoice landing pages with their company logo, providing their clients a branded checkout experience.

Statement updates can be shared with each client through the Koverly platform via email notification. Businesses can also send clients direct links to their invoice dashboards. When clients visit an invoice dashboard for a specific business, they will be able to view and pay open invoices due to that business.

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