Danish Krone

The krone (sign: kr.; code: DKK) is the official currency of Denmark, Greenland, and the Faroe Islands. Denmark has minted krone coins since the 17th century and the currency was officially introduced in 1875. The modern day krone is made up of 100 รธre and the smallest denomination of the krone is a 50 รธre coin.

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Danish Krone
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Danish Krone Currency

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โ€The krone is pegged to the euro using EU;s exchange rate mechanism. Denmark is one of the few EU member countries to not yet adopt the euro. The country is not obliged to adopt the euro and dutch voters are torn between whether or not to join the Eurozone. The last referendum for joining the Eurozone in 200 was defeated 53.2% to 46.8%.

See DKK currency value history and live conversion rates from the US Dollar/USD to the Danish Krone/DKK.

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