Japanese Yen

The Japanese yen (symbol: ยฅ; code: JPY) is the official currency of Japan and was adopted by Japan in 1871. The yen is commonly used in denominations of ยฅ1,000, ยฅ5,000, ยฅ10,000 bills and ยฅ5, ยฅ10, ยฅ50, ยฅ100, ยฅ500 coins. The yen is a the third most traded currency on the forex market and is widely used as a reserve currency.

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Japanese Yen
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Japanese Yen Currency

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โ€The yen is the third-most traded currency in the foreign exchange market, after the United States dollar (USD) and the euro (EUR). The yen is considered a "safe haven" currency, because it tends to hold its value even during periods of risk.

See JPY currency value history and live conversion rates from the US Dollar/USD to the Japanese Yen/JPY.

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